Book Talks

7th Grade book talks
  • Fictional novels including elements such as time travel, dystopian future settings, magical creatures, wizards, dragons, cyborgs, etc.
  • 7 Fall Schedule

  • Non-fiction book about a person’s life
  • Must be a real person (living or dead), and a factual story (no fictional depictions, please)
  • Autobiographies and memoirs are fine
  • 7 Winter Schedule

  • A fictional story set in a real time & place of historical significance
  • Book may not be set in the future, or current time period
  • Historical fiction books should not include elements such as magic, supernatural beings or creatures, or futuristic elements.  This genre is all about experiencing events of real historical significance through the eyes of a fictional character

8th Grade Book Talks
  • No novels with sequels, prequels, or novels that are part of a series
  • No novels with movie adaptations within the last 20 years
  • 8 Fall Schedule

  • Non-fiction book about any person, period, or event significant to American History.  Can be about modern people or events as well.
  • 8 Winter Schedule

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will read, respond to, and evaluate a variety of literary works.
  • Students will select appropriate independent reading for pleasure, interest, and personal fulfillment.
  • Students will share reading experiences with peers using appropriate details, vocabulary, and tone.
General Requirements:
  1. Book must fit required genre and be appropriately challenging for you. (Be sure to ask Ms. Rzegocki for approval if you aren’t sure.)
  2. A visual aid you create must accompany each book talk. See the attached list or Ms. Rzegocki’s teacher page for options. You must create a different visual aid each trimester. You may only repeat one of the visual aids you used in 6th grade.
  3. Your presentation must give a short summary (no spoilers, please!) as well as your evaluation of the book. The presentation must be between 3 and 5 minutes.
Visual Aids:

Students will create a visual aid for each book talk. This is the book talk activities menu.


Students will be graded according to a rubric incorporating elements such as characters or people, plot events and details, and quality of the presentation.