Growth Mindset Project

It’s mentioned on the news, your parents may have talked about it with you, and it seems like teachers are completely obsessed with it. Growth mindset – what is it and why is it important?

By the end of this research project, you will be able to answer both of the questions above, and, more importantly, decide for yourself if it is worth your time to develop a growth mindset.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Research brain structure, brain development, and growth mindset. Write at least 3 well-structured paragraphs answering the question – how does having a growth mindset impact brain development?

  • L.O. I can effectively research and accurately explain how growth mindset impacts brain development.
  • S.L.E. Think critically and articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively.


  • Worth 20 points in Literature
  • Review and take notes on at least 5 reliable resources
    • Articles
    • Videos
    • Books
    • Interviews
  • For each source, complete the note-taking sheet
  • Turn in completed sheets with project (4 points for each source)

Feeling overwhelmed? Break the big research question into smaller, more manageable, parts – brain structure, brain development and growth mindset.

  • How does the brain work?
    • Brain structure
    • What are neurons? How do they work?
  • What causes the brain to change structure?
    • What is neuroplasticity and how does it work?
    • How can someone grow her or his brain?
    • What can damage the brain? How?
  • What is growth mindset and how does it impact the brain?
    • What is growth mindset and what does it look like in action?
    • How does having a growth mindset impact brain development?


  • Due Thursday, November 15th, 2018
  • Worth 30 points in Language Arts
  • At least 3 well-structured paragraphs that answer the research question
  • Complete Key Vocabulary sheet
  • Includes in-text citations of at least two reliable sources
  • Complete Works Cited page of all sources used in in-text citations
  • Follows No Excuses List
  • Identify 5 key words important to know for understanding your topic
  • Fill in a blank vocabulary template
    •  Define each word in your own words
    •  Illustrate each word using an image or symbol
    •  Write a contextual sentence for each word
  • Write at least 3 stoplight paragraphs about your topic
  • Include a Works Cited page with APA citations for each source you use