Looking for a historical fiction book?

Hi 7th graders,

It’s almost the 3rd trimester and you know what that means…time to read historical fiction!

Next trimester’s Book Talk genre is historical fiction. According to ReadWriteThink.org (and many other sources), historical fiction is written to portray a time period or convey information about a specific time period or an historical event. Usually the event or time period is about 30 years in the past. So, if you want to read a book set during the Civil Rights Movement (mid-1950s to late 1960s), it needs to have been written sometime after 1985.

History is long, so there are multitude of magnificent books in this genre. It might be difficult to pick just one!

Check out the links below for tons of suggestions:

We are picking third trimester presentation dates this Friday, February 22, 2019.