“The Highwayman”

Hi 7th graders,

To prepare for our discussion tomorrow, please watch the animated version of “The Highwayman” below. When you have finished, answer the three questions beneath the video in your Literature/LA notebook. As usual, you need to write in complete sentences.

Make sure to include examples from the story that support your opinions and inferences!

L.O. I can analyze the impact of using animation to tell the story of “The Highwayman”

S.L.E. Think critically and solve problems

Questions for tomorrow’s discussion

  1. How do the illustrations add to the meaning or mood (feeling) of the poem?
  2. Why do you think the artist chose this style of art (flowing, dreamy, less defined) rather than more precise images?
  3. Is there anything you would have changed about this vision of the poem? What would you do differently and why?

Remember to answer in complete sentences and include specific examples from the animation that support your ideas.