Monday/Tuesday, April 27th/28th, 2020 – 8th grade work

Good morning 8th graders,

Happy Monday/Tuesday! We are near the end of our Drama unit and many of you will be presenting in the coming days. Have fun and break a leg!

You have one, possibly two, item(s) for your Literature To Do list:

      • Daily reading and update of reading log (25 – 35 minutes)
      • Monologue performance (according to schedule)

Let’s get started!

  1. Daily reading and update of reading log (25 – 35 minutes)
    • Update your reading log so it has rows and dates from now until May 29th (34 rows, including weekends)
    • After updating your log, read for 15 – 30 minutes from your free reading material, reflect for five minutes, then fill out your reading log, paying special attention to the evidence column
  2. Monologue performance (according to schedule)
    • Please be online, ready to present, at your scheduled slot
    • I will invite you into the meeting when the person before you finishes, so please wait to be invited in
    • Make sure you and your camera are set up however you want to perform (standing, sitting, close-up, far away, showing a particular perspective of you, whatever you choose)

I will send out a reminder email/invitation for monologue performances each day this week. The grading expectations and schedule will be included in the message as a reminder.

Contact me with any questions and have a great day!