Monday, April 6th, 2020 – 8th grade work

Hi 8th graders,

Welcome to Holy Week  – the most sacred time in the liturgical calendar! And, it’s you’re just one week away from Spring break! This week you will have many opportunities to reflect, contribute, and grow.

You have two items for your Literature To Do list and one, highly encouraged, item for possible extra credit/make-up work on your Being a Good Person list:

        • Religion Reflection / Daily Reading (20 – 35 minutes)
        • Monologue Preparation/practice (10 – 15 minutes)
        • Encouraging Message Poster for first responders (optional / highly encouraged / can be used for past reading log credit)

Let’s get started!

  1. Religion Reflection / Daily Reading (20 – 35 minutes)
    • We are using reading time this week to more deeply engage with Holy Week, specifically through the reflections Mrs. Mansfield is posting.
    • To complete this assignment:
      • Thoughtfully complete the reflections Mrs. Mansfield has posted each day.
      • When you are done, copy and paste your response (the one you submit to Mrs. Mansfield) into the “Evidence” column of your reading log
        • You are NOT writing two different reflections – just ONE thoughtful, complete reflection shared with two teachers.
      • Because you do not need to complete personal reading this week, all other columns (“Title (Author)”, “Time read”, and “Pages read”) will be blank.
      • Again, the time you would normally spend reading and reflecting will be used for religion reflections this week.
      • Contact me with questions!
  2. Monologue Preparation/practice (10 – 15 minutes)
    • Keep practicing your monologue
    • Record yourself and pay particular attention to your tone and gestures – do they seem natural or forced? Do they make sense with what you are saying?
  3. Encouraging Message Poster for first responders (optional / highly encouraged / can be used for past reading log credit)
    • Hopefully, you have seen the posts from Mr. Tice and Mrs. Mansfield about this, but, if not, here is a (near verbatim) recap:
        • Doctors, nurses, and support staff in hospitals all over the US, including here in Washington, are working very hard to save people’s lives.
        • These people are heroes, but they’re also people.
        • They are very stressed, they are afraid for themselves and their loved ones, and sometimes they are discouraged.
        • We’re asking you to make posters of support for these very brave people working on the front lines of the pandemic.
        • Posters will be collected by Ms. O’Leary at the flagpole on Wednesday, 4/8, between 12:30 – 1pm
        • If you can laminate the posters at home – great! If not, we can laminate them at school.
        • If you can’t make it at the scheduled time, contact us.
    • This assignment is NOT required – it is purely by choice. If you choose to do this, please be thoughtful and put your best effort into supporting the people who are saving lives.
      • Thoughtful, heartfelt posters can be used to earn credit for the first two weeks of reading logs.
      • Every thoughtfully completed, heartfelt poster (you notice I keep using those words), will count as one day in the reading log.
      • 5 fabulous posters = 5 days worth of entries in the reading log OR (for all you fans of algebra out there) X fabulous posters = X days worth of entries in the reading log
      • Insert a picture of your poster in the evidence column of your reading log on one of the empty days from the first two weeks (March 16th – 20th and 23rd – 27th).
      • Contact me with questions! Or if you need construction paper!