Friday, June 5th, 2020

Good morning 7th graders,

It’s your final catch up day! Here are a few important reminders:

  1. All missing, incomplete, and revised work must be submitted today, June 5th, to earn any credit.
  2. You must send me an email to let me know you have turned something in (especially for reading logs). Otherwise, I will not know to look for your work.
  3. As of right now (8:ooam), all grades are up-to-date and accurate – except for the Online Class assignment, which I am grading right now.
    • If you have not received credit for something you submitted, check if there is feedback in Teams, then email me to let me know about your work.

This is the home stretch, the final countdown! We can do it! (Good luck getting that song out of your head!🤣…but you can use it to psych you up, so it’s kind of a gift 🥳​​​​​​​)

I am watching book talks from 9 – 11am, but am available to answer questions at almost any other time. Reach out if you need help!